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Day 01 – Introduce yourself

I was born today, 37 years ago. According to my parents, they thought I was going to be a boy and were ready to name me something hippie like Michael Sky or something along that vein. Instead, I came equipped with two X chromosomes and I was named JenniferLove. Equally hippie, but I do shave my armpits, I don't smoke pot, and I wear deodorant. So the only hippie things I do to live up to my flower child name are eat as organic as possible, be as green as possible, and be as peaceful as possible.

I have two sons. One will be 14 in two days, and the other will be 13 in two months.

I am still in college. I have an AS in Biology, and I'm going to finish the Baccalaureate degree in Biology, and then work on a Master's with a focus on Human Biology/Anatomy & Physiology. I want to teach Human Anatomy and Physiology.

Right now my field of work is in health care. It's a long story that I'll share on the day this topic is up.

I used to be found just about every weekend hanging out at any number of the local goth/industrial clubs, but when I stopped drinking and smoking I decided I needed to stay away from these venues as well because most of the time I was hanging out there, I'd imbibe a bit much and I didn't want temptation around me. I miss the music, and I miss my friends from the scene, but the scene has dried up, and most of my friends from that time have packed up and moved out of San Diego.

Speaking of San Diego, I've lived in San Diego longer than any other city I've ever lived in, so I guess you can say this is my home town. I've also lived on the East Coast, spending most of my young childhood in Silver Springs, MD. I've been told my accent is more East Coast than West Coast, but that could be due to the fact that most of my formative English speaking years were in that area of the world.

Someday I want to live in the UK. I don't think I'll emigrate there and live the expatriate life, but I have a deep love and affinity for Europe. Of all the travels I had with my family as a child, my most beloved places we visted were Rome, Italy, and London, UK. After I'm done with all my studies and I've had time to work for awhile, I plan to travel extensively and immerse myself in other cultures. I see myself as a citizen of the world, and I feel that exposure to foreign lands and cultures fosters an understanding and acceptance, or at the very least, tolerance, for things that we find strange.

I am trying to rebuild my fragmented circle of friends, since the ones I was closest to have moved far enough away that visiting every day like we used to is not possible, but with my schedule lately it makes it difficult to go out and socialize. But I do try and I'm open to meeting up with people and talking over a hot tea or coffee.

Or we can hit the gym, since I'm going to reopen my 24 hour fitness membership, but I'm warning you, I get pretty ornery and bitchy when I'm wearing less than flattering gym clothes and dripping sweat. Sorry. I will get back in shape though, I owe it to myself and my kids since I'm entering middle age and I need to steer clear of genetics when it comes to type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension/cholesterol issues, and kidney problems.

That's it for now :)


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Oct. 2nd, 2010 09:34 pm (UTC)
Hello again! And I hope you had a delightful birthday!
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